Questions To Ask ??????? : Why Not Ask Them?


Questions to ask about yourself (FYI: You do not have to answer them(They can be Rhetorical))

1. Can I be accepted or do I have to fit in?

2. If I come out to my parents, will they disown me?

3. If I just become a closet case, will that be the right choice for me?

4. Am I noticeably Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, or Transgender?

5. Should I tell my friends that I am LGBT?

6. If I tell my friends that I am LGBT, will they still be my friends or will they start to distance themselves from me?

7. When its time to come out, should I just text it to them or should I tell them in person?

8. (In an Open Relationship) When is it the right time to introduce my “lover” to my friends? Family? Co-Workers?
9. Is it good to be in a relationship with someone who’s family is against same sex relationships?

10. Is there enough love to substain this same sex relationship?

This is only 10 questions. If you would like a whole list of questions like this, please feel free to email me @

Β Also please feel free to email me your answers to these ten questions at the same address as above. I help all age groups with LGBT problems like this on a daily basis, so don’t be shy, I’m only 17!


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