Sometimes Invisible… The T in LGBT

Sometimes Invisible… The T in LGBT

I’ve been doing a little research on this exact topic and I think they hit it right on throughout this entire topic.

Trans Evolution


Nowadays we are hearing a lot in the media about issues such as Gay Marriage, Gay Rights, etc. But what you don’t hear most too often are issues of a much deeper matter within the LGBT community; such as Transgender rights and safety. Yes folks, I’m talking about the almost invisible T in the LGBT which most of us, even within the Gay community tend to overlook.  I want to focus on the oppression that’s being overlooked when it comes to these individuals such as violence, discrimination, and not understanding what it means to have cisgender privilege. I’m hoping that issues like these will be addressed and handled over time as a support and activist group that is being put together in my area to help transgender individuals network and find resources.

The first question in you mind might be “What is cisgender privilege?” That’s a very good question because…

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