Your daily dose of gay for the day

Your daily dose of gay for the day

Wonderful Topic and great wording. Please read and retain this information. Email me the answer to this question: Would you ever want to tell your straight friends or co-workers that your gay, lesbian, transgender, or bi sexual?



This may or may not be my last post for the day, so time to touch the subject I made this blog for aside from honoring my nerdyness. I am in fact a boy who loves boys, guy who loves guys, a homosexual I guess would be the most proper turn. Now for me to tell you that I was also out of the “closet” so to speak in high school. Unlike most kids, I didn’t have much trouble with it and even danced with a few boys when attending high school. I thought that this acceptance would continue through the years to improve seeing as the global populace seem to be more and more accepting of LGBT in modern society and widely embraced in today’s pop culture. Recently however I spent time with a friend of mine who is straight, and so were the friends he and I…

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