When you love: A personal encounter


Love: feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone).

In my life I have had to loves. A boy and a girl. The boy I guess wanted someone or something else and the girl is now dating another guy. So I asked myself, is there someone out there for me?, Do I Deserve Love?, What is love?, Do I need love to feel special. ( If you want to know the answers to these questions, please email me lgbtforme@mail.com or if you want to share yours, please feel free, I will always listen.)

So last night I got to arguing with my Ex about something that was done not too long ago. It hurt me deep in my soul and I could not stand it. After last night there is actually some hatred in my heart for her and her boyfriend. We been through so much in our lives and its going to take me some time to even think about forgiving her. I told her last night that “I have the right mind to say F*ck it and Move on”, this is something that I meant and I also told her that she can stay in my life or leave altogether and she never responded. So I guess she’s gone forever.

I have already lost my first love (that boy I was talking about). I don’t know what really happened between us but it ended very badly and I still can’t cope with that feeling. It has been said that your first love will come back but he’s not back. I see him a lot, especially when I get off work.

I walk around in my business suit and tie with my little name tag and there he is. Sometimes I act like I don’t see him, but sometimes I actually don’t. I believe that I am irrelevant to his life and he could care less about me and my life.

I never had these feelings before and I love these feelings. They make me feel like nothing can ever hurt me and I will always have someone by my side. I look forward to falling in love again, because when I love, I love for real. I have never and will never cheat on the person that I am with and never make them feel low, I will always lift them up and take there side even though sometimes they may be wrong. I will always listen and be attentive to their needs and take their feelings into consideration.

Everyday I will tell them “I love you” even if were mad at each other.


So now I am working for the VA Department of Corrections ( I know a 17 year old boy, right?). I work in the Juvenile Division and most of the teens in there are LGBT, so that is one reason I started LGBT for me and it is now one of the most viewed LGBT sites across the world.

I know you see the lESBIAN button at the top of the site. I am working on getting each section there own little site to have a blog or just discussions amongst each other. These sites are going to be highly monitored so Homophobes will not be able to harass anyone.

So, Look for more from LGBT For Me.. there is more to come.

Thanks for reading: Here’s some questions ( I want to know!)

Email to: lgbtforme@mail.com (you will get a reply)

  1. Love, What is It?
  2. How can we be sure that we really love someone?
  3. What about fights… and conflicts?
  4. Can we still love each other when we are ninety?
  1. Man. Woman. Living the difference.
  2. Going Out With Someone. Where are the limits?
  3. Is happiness only for married couples?
  4. Two people of the same sex love each other. Is it legitimate?
  5. Is happiness possible with a man or a woman who is not free?
  6. Why him? Why her?
  7. Is there one person out there “made” just for me?
  1. Living together and sexual relations before marriage?
  2. Does love wear out with time?
  3. How can i remain faithful all my life?
  4. Getting married – what does it add to our lives?
  1. Having children today, Isn’t it crazy?
  2. Why have a family?
  3. I’m getting married, But I don’t want children right away… What should I do?
  4. Giving life? Does it just mean having lots of children?
  1. Did man descend from the apes ?
  2. Happiness – Is it being at ease in our bodies ?
  3. Is my destiny determined from the day of my birth ?
  4. Accident or Creation?
  1. When does human life begin?
  2. The Pill or the Natural Cycle?
  3. What are the Natural Methods of Birth Control?
  4. Abortion – True, It’s not Ideal….But in Certain Cases?
  5. Why should we want a handicapped child to live when he will most probably be unhappy?
  6. Over-population? Should developing countries be forbidden to have children?
  7. What are the options when we cannot bear children?
  1. What is Original Sin?
  2. Watching erotic movies or browsing through obscene publications: what harm can that do?
  3. Good and evil, am i not the only judge of all that concerns me?
  4. What about masturbation?
  5. Why does the Catholic Church make certain demands which run contrary to the opinion of many people?
  6. Isn’t the Devil just a projection of our evil inclinations?
  7. Does the Church help in the fight against Aids?
  8. What does the Church say about organ donations?
  9. I regret what I did : Is it too late to do anything about it?
  1. Why do I have to live when I didn’t ask to be born?
  2. What sense is there in the life of a handicapped person?
  3. If god is good, why is there suffering?
  4. What’s the meaning of suffering?
  5. A person in a coma : what can be done? life support or euthanasia?
  6. If euthanasia is not acceptable, what kind of solution do we offer to alleviate the sufferings of people with incurable diseases?
  1. What Do I choose? Burial or Cremation?
  2. And life after death?
  3. Is it necessary to be christian to be saved?
  4. And reincarnation?
  1. So then? what is happiness?

You do not have to answer all questions. Just copy the question and give your answer. If you want to know my answers, just ask and you will get them.

Thanks Again for Blogging with us “You ARE LOVED”



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