33 Thoughts We All Have During Sex: As Told by the Receiver


Is this why I'm still single?

1. Do I look fat from this angle? Maybe if I arch my back a little I’ll look skinner.

2. Ouch- this kind of hurts but like not badly enough for me to bring attention to it.

3. Maybe if I say his name or compliment his penis it’ll make him cum faster.

4. I’m not going to have to wash my sheets after this, am I?

5. I wish we had Bagels Bites. I’m so gonna want Bagel Bites after this.

6. Am I going to have to shower after this?

7. Ooh, this feels kind of good.

8. Ooh this feels really good.

9. OMG that feels great…oh no…no DON’T STOP. fuck you for stopping that.

10. Oops I’m kind of bored now.

11. What should I have for lunch tomorrow?

12. Wait, does he know I’m not paying attention?

13.This room is really messy.

14. How can I make it so that I…

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