The future of Parenthood, now featuring a LGBT family member


a must read

umm, Jayden

Mae Whitman thought it could of been her character Amber. Michael Ausiello at thought it could of been Drew. I thought the show could go into some unexplored territory and feature Victor or Jabbar, but it was Haddie who received Parenthood’s first ever LGBT plot line, and surprisingly everything went perfectly. Absent for the majority of the past thirty episodes, her inclusion in the season final was strange, but I’m sure many viewers would of excepted it, as this is something many have wanted for the past five years. My only hope now is that Sarah Ramos, who plays Haddie, will stick around for season six (While her return was nice, it did cut away from scenes with Max and Victor which would of been nice to see). This is again if we get a season six, but I feel her plot line will be nothing more than a…

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